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b newuserIn an age when the other guys are cutting student-focused programs, we are constantly striving to roll out new and different ways to offer you more. After all, we're a company founded for students, by students and we've never forgotten our pledge to give you more choices and better value!

Speaking of choices, here's a video to explain this new process.



Colleges and Universities partner with Higher One to deliver your financial aid refund. We are committed to delivering 100% of your refund at no cost, providing students with clear choices and offering great customer service.

In addition to faster ways to receive refunds from your college/university, we also offer innovative checking account choices and a wealth of great features designed to make your life easier.

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A refund refers to funds left over from financial aid awards, loans or grants after tuition has been paid. This is the most common type of money Higher One disburses to students. (Please note: only students with overages from financial aid awards, loans and/or grants will receive refunds.) Higher One uses the term “refund.” However, your school may have another name for these funds such as a disbursement, residual or stipend.


WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME?i you icon

When it comes to managing your money and receiving Financial Aid refunds, you deserve choices!

Your choices include:

  • Same business day deposit to a OneAccount when funds are released by the University to Higher One.
  • Deposit to another account. Money in two to three business days.

(Additional options vary by school.)

Other great benefits:

Innovative account

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Mobile apps, mobile deposit technologies and text alerts.
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The OneAccount's recognition program for smart money management, academic achievement and good financial behavior.
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A student-focused community that helps you take an active role in financial education with helpful tips from our in-house financial literacy expert.

Learn more about refunds here.

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Get easy answers to your questions with EasyHelpSM—our self-service FAQ database available online. You can also learn more about refunds here.

And don't forget all of our social media pages...


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WHEN WILL I GET MY REFUND?i building icon

Higher One does not know when each individual person will be receiving their refund until your school sends us a refund file containing your information. We receive refund information from schools nationwide and every college/university disburses different amounts of money to a different number of students every time. The best way to find when your specific refund might come is to contact your college/university's Financial Aid or Business Office.

You can also sign up for Mobile Alerts to be notified when your refund has been disbursed.

Learn more about refunds here.

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Your school made the switch to Higher One's services to simplify your life and your finances; and to free up their administrative staff so they have more time to focus on serving you... the student. Not to mention (even though we already have), Higher One offers smarter choices for refund delivery and a great variety of accounts designed with you in mind.

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First, look for an envelope in the mail from Higher One. Once it arrives, you'll simply follow the instructions inside to set up your refund preference online.b newuser


Click below for the big picture on how your refunds get disbursed.
The Refund Process: INFOGRAPHIC
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