"Cash In" with Green Dot MoneyPak

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Add cash before you can even say the word "transfer!"

Imagine, no waiting to add funds to your account. It's not too good to be true, it's a "Cash In" with MoneyPak® transfer! No more waiting for a bank transfer or check to clear! And once it hits your account, use it to make purchases, pay bills and take advantage of a wealth of great account features.

Here's How it Works:

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1. Pick up a MoneyPak from the Prepaid Product Section or Green Dot® Display of a participating retailer
near you.

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2. Take the MoneyPak to the register and purchase it with cash for the amount you wish to transfer.
A service fee will be charged at the point of sale, which is explained in more detail below.

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3. Log in above, then enter your MoneyPak Number and click Continue to complete your transfer
right away! Our MoneyPak Terms and Conditions have more detail on how it works.

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What is "Cash In" with MoneyPak?

A "Cash In" with MoneyPak is the fast and convenient way to make cash transfers to your account. Once you purchase the Green Dot MoneyPak for the amount you wish to transfer, redeem online to transfer funds quickly into any OneAccount suite product. "Cash In" is Higher One's term for the fast cash transfer you make to your account with a Green Dot MoneyPak.

Why should I use MoneyPak to add money to my account?

Simply put, a "Cash In" with MoneyPak is the fastest and easiest way to transfer cash to your account. It eliminates the wait for a bank transfer or a check to clear.

How much does MoneyPak cost?

Retailers charge a convenience fee of $4.95 or less. Once you purchase a MoneyPak, there are no additional costs to transfer the money to your account. You can add any amount from $20 to $500 onto a MoneyPak at most retailers.

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Is "Cash In" with MoneyPak safe?

Absolutely. Much like Higher One, Green Dot Corporation is a trusted name in the financial services industry and designed the MoneyPak with your privacy and personal security in mind. Unlike other services, you will never need to disclose your personal or financial information to a retail cashier.

Once I purchase a MoneyPak, can I use it right away?

Yes. The money is promptly available for transfer to any product in the OneAccount suite. Please note the following exceptions: Walgreens has a 60 minute funding delay, Radio Shack has a 30 minute funding delay and Longs Drugs has a 15 minute funding delay.

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*See terms and conditions for further details.

© 2014 Green Dot Corporation. MoneyPak is provided by Green Dot Corporation. Green Dot and MoneyPak are registered trademarks of Green Dot Corporation.

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